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Telehealth sessions are available from 9 to 4 on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.

To schedule appointments for counseling,
Phone: 206-818-2973
Email: Susan Scott PhD

P.O. Box 391
Langley, WA 98260

Individual and Relationship Counseling

Susan Scott, PhD is licensed as a Mental Health Counselor in Washington State. Her counseling work focuses on clients who are interested in furthering their personal development as responsible adults. At the core of this work is a devotion to being honest, self-reflective, and willing to make life-enhancing changes in one’s own behaviors and attitudes. This involves a commitment to creating and maintaining healthy relationships with self and others, as well as to finding and expressing one's own unique gifts.

Susan’s specialization is in listening to and collaborating with a generative spark that is inborn and natural to every person. She practices a variety of interactive methods: active listening, voice-dialogue, dream-work, active imagination in behalf of awakening and welcoming each person’s creative process. When weather permits, walking during sessions is offered to clients who want to combine dialogue, movement, and connection to nature as part of the counseling process. In her book, Healing With Nature, she describes walking-therapy and the ways the natural world inspires the development of fresh perspectives in life and toward all of life.

Counseling appointments via telephone can be scheduled in advance and follow the same parameters as office appointments. 24 hour notice is required for sessions that are canceled or rescheduled. Payment is made at the time of each session via check or cash.


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