Susan began her career in Colorado, working as an agency youth counselor for seven years before moving to the Northwest in 1982. From 1983 to the present she has maintained a private counseling practice with a Jungian Analytic focus. Mentorship with Seattle Analyst Anne de Vore, PhD inspired her on-going commitment to the creative process in clinical practice and her own artistic practices, photography and writing.

Susan completed her PhD in clinical psychology through International College’s mentorship program with Jungian Analyst Hal Stone, PhD. Over the next decade of private practice, Susan continued to explore dream tending and the creative process with Jungian Analyst Russ Lockhart, PhD, while completing four years of study at the North Pacific Institute of Analytical Psychology in Seattle. After 40 years of practice, Susan closed her Seattle office, but continues to work part-time from her Whidbey Island Office.

Professional Organizations: The Authors’ Guild, N.W.A.P.S, American Counseling Association, PEN America


BA in Sociology, University of Arizona
Minor: Psychology/Government

MA in Counseling Psychology, International College
Thesis: “The Effect Of Mind, Body, Spirit Integration On Creative Expression.

Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, International College
Dissertation: “A Theoretical Examination Of The Psychological Archetypes Which Influence Women’s Creativity.”

Jungian Analytical training- 4 years, North Pacific Institute of Analytical Psychology
Presentation for advanced standing: On the creativity inherent in the wounded healer motif and nature’s alchemy. “New Life.”